Reminiscent of the old “self-destruct” messages and exploding shoe phones of [tag]Maxwell Smart[/tag], the [tag]cell phone[/tag] industry introduces a “killer” [tag]service[/tag]; Remote “Destruct” for Cell [tag]Phone[/tag]s…

While not really an explosive [tag]solution[/tag] to cell phone [tag]theft[/tag] [tag]deterrent[/tag], it is pretty amazing.  A London-based technology company has developed [tag]Remote XT[/tag], a new [tag]security[/tag] software that can trigger a [tag]stolen[/tag] cell phone to create an ear-piercing alarm and lock itself when activated.  In addition, this service can also [tag]wipe[/tag] all the data contained within the phone. 

The usefulness of a such a service is readily apparent.  No doubt this technology will find its way into anything that can be connected to a communications network despite the small service charge associated with it. 

In an time where people are loosing their [tag]laptops[/tag], [tag]PDA[/tag]s, cell phones and other storage devices with great frequency, this service will quickly become a governmental and [tag]corporate[/tag] given.  I can’t imagine any entity that harbors sensitive data doing without it. 

While my phone data isn’t going to cause any National Security Risks if it falls into the hands of a non-do-gooder,  it would bring me a GREAT SENSE OF SATISFACTION to know that I could hit the “nuke button” if presented with such a circumstance.  A smile comes to my face as I can readily imagine the face of the thief when my alarm goes off and the phone is rendered completely useless and unsaleable!  Yes, I would have a smug look indeed!

                                                                  ~J. Pisano

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