Note: Irows is now defunct…check google docs at

I’ve been working with [tag]iRows[/tag] for a few hours.  I am very impressed with it. iRows offers a complete [tag]spreadsheet[/tag] solution for the great price of- FREE.

Although simliar to [tag]Google Spreadsheet[/tag], it offers a few more useful and cool [tag]Web 2.0[/tag] features such as [tag]tagging[/tag] and [tag]export[/tag]ing into a [tag]web[/tag] page.

I have yet to have success with embedding an “interactive” version into [tag]Wordpress[/tag] but you can see my [tag]digtal[/tag] [tag]audio[/tag] [tag]calculator[/tag] below. This “static” image was provided for me in HTML via the iRows site.

Shot of my Digital Audio Calculator:
(To use an interactiver version of this calculator click here)



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