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With the new release of [tag]Microsoft[/tag]’s [tag]Internet Explorer[/tag], people are asking what is [tag]new[/tag] with the [tag]IE7[/tag] release? I have put together a list of the latest features listed in two categories: Immediately Noticeable and Additional Improvements.  In addition, I have included a quick list of keyboard/mouse [tag]shortcut[/tag]s for moving along quicker within the web interface.


Tabbed Browsing:
IE7 offers the ability to have multiple web-sites open and contained within “tabs”.  Changing from one website address to another is easily accomplished by pressing “tab buttons” that are visible across the top of the screen.  All tabbed windows may be viewed, at once, in different visual configuration such as cascaded or horizontal layouts.

Instant Search Box:
Located to the right of the address search box is the “Instant Search Box”.  By using this “box” any one of the major search engines may be queried to find information quickly; of course, the default is MSN.

Favorites and Notes:
An updated version of the “[tag]IE[/tag] favorite bookmarks” has also been included.  It’s easier to manage and use than the those of the pervious versions.  There is also an import/export wizard to easily add bookmarks from previous versions. In addition, you can quickly open the Microsoft Notepad to “jot” down any information you may come across by selecting it from the menu bar.

Less Clutter and More of the Screen for Viewing Sites:
IE7 includes a more streamlined and friendly visual experience.

Improved Printing:
This release includes the ability to rescale the site so that it fits on the printed page.  Options are also available for simply printing the text.

RSS Feeds:
Atom, RSS and other XML feeds will show up correctly and are automatically detected.  In addition, there are options to quickly subscribe to an RSS feed.

Page Zoom:
With a few clicks and keystrokes IE7 can be made to enlarge or shrink both texts and graphics on a web page dynamically.


Security Status Bar:
If you go to a site that has a questionable security certificate or is known to be malicious, IE7 will warn you by displaying related messages.   In addition, the “gold padlock” is much easier to see as it is now adjacent to the address bar.

Phising Filter:
In addition to the Security Status Bar, IE7 will check the site that is being visiting to check if it is a “clone” of a legitimate site.  If it determines that something is “fishy” with the site, a screen will appear with warning information.

Built-in “Tracks” Eraser:
A single window has been included that will allow you to easily erase all of the cached pages, form data, cookies and history data contained within the browser.

Fix My Settings and Check My Connection :
Two features that will help you “repair” things faster. First, there is a one click “default” setting that will bring all the security settings back to the original states.  Second, there is a one click option that will check if there are any problems that could be caused by the Internet connection.

Extra Security Settings:

There are many additional features within IE7 that pertain to security issues.  Check the help file for more information.

Quicker Browsing:
Due to the caching and improved support for CS Sheets and other speed related improvements.  IE7 should load web sites faster than before.

Although not quite “widgets”, IE7 offers the ability to easily download add-ons that will increase the usability and expandability of the program


Microsoft Vista, Unique Features:

Protected Mode:
“Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Vista runs in isolation from other applications in the operating system. Exploits and malicious software are restricted from writing to any location beyond Temporary Internet Files without explicit user consent.”

Parental Controls:
The ability for parents to control browsing behavior through a set of “parental” controls.

Useful IE7 Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts:

Please note an exhaustive list of these shortcuts can be found within the “HELP” file of IE7.

Viewing and Exploring Web-pages:

Toggle between full-screen and regular views of the browser window

Move forward through the items on a web-page, the Address bar, or the Links bar

Move back through the items on a web-page, the Address bar, or the Links bar

Go to your home page

Go to the next page

Go to the previous page

Scroll toward the beginning of a document in larger increments

Scroll toward the end of a document in larger increments

Move to the beginning of a document

Move to the end of a document

Find on this page

Refresh the current web-page

Refresh the current web-page, even if the time stamp for the web version and your locally stored version are the same

Stop downloading a page

Open a new website or page

Open a new window

Working With Tabs:

Open a new tab in the foreground

Switch between tabs

Close current tab (or the current window if tabbed browsing is disabled)

Open a new tab in the foreground from the Address bar

Switch to a specific tab number
CTRL+n (where n is a number between 1 and 8 )

Switch to the last tab

Close other tabs

Toggles Quick Tabs (thumbnail view) on or off

Using Zoom:
Increase zoom (+ 10%)

Decrease zoom (- 10%)

Zoom to 100%

Using Search:
Go to the search box

Open your search query in a new tab

Open the search provider menu

Opening Menus:
Open the Home menu

Open the Print menu

Open the RSS menu

Open the Tools menu

Open the Help menu

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If you have liked this article or have something else to contribute to it please let me know;  comments are welcome!

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