Web 2.0 is revolutionizing the way people interact and collaborate online. I have compiled a list of my favorite Web 2.0 applications for 2006. Some have been around for awhile others are new. All of them are greatly improved over their first releases!

Please feel free to check them out and let me know what you think about them. If you think there is a Web 2.0 application that does something better than the ones listed here or can think of one that should be on my next list, please let me know.

Top 5 Web 2.0 applications:

Digg iconL[1]

1. Digg
Digg is an online social bookmark program with an incredible interactive rating system. Users can submit any website they find and give it a “digg”. It then goes into a “holding bin” where others can give it more “diggs” or “bury” it. If your submittal gets enough points it will be moved to the “popular” category where it will go on to much fame!

2. Rollyo
Rollyo takes web searching to the next level by allowing you to search for something within a self determined set of web sites. You can save your custom searches for later use. Rollyo allows you to search using others custom searches as well.

flickr logo gamma gif v1

3. flickr
Flickr is quite possibly the best online photo management system. Flickr allows you to share, print, email and look at your photos in way you would have never imagined. In addition flickr allows you to easily access services that will print, make dvds, posters, slideshows and even postage stamps of your photos!


logo joseph pisano star wars

4. last.fm
Along with Pandora, last.fm is a great music web radio that learns what you like. last.fm allows you to customize your searches, write notes about the pieces and keep track of others favorites as well. last.fm also has a wiki interface that allows you to search article information, bios and other interesting facts about the music. For an interesting use of displaying last.fm check out my sidebar.


5. Technorati
Tecnorati is a search engine focused on blogs. It has a “favorite system” and tracks who links to what, how much something is listed and where things are being blogged about. Technorati has quickly become the best search engine for blogs and blog content online.


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