Sam Devol has done it again. As you might not expect from an ex-rocket mechanic, Sam has has taken away many of the complexities of operating WordPress and submits them to us in an EASY to understand manner. Sam has graciously created a “living” document that describes many ways to secure, maintain, use and fix common WordPress issues. He does this all in a clear, concise easy to read fashion.

Find his latest article here!

A glimpse into some of the great ideas from Sam and available from his site:

As soon as possible:

  1. Delete the default/automatic ‘first post’. It’s a neon sign for spam-bots (”LOOK! NooB Blog!”)
  2. Delete wp-admin/install.php
  3. Delete wp-admin/upgrade.php

Now we’re ready to address some day-to-day issues…

Now, I certainly would have never thought to delete the first post so quickly (took me a week or two and explains some of the spam!)… nor did I delete those very vulnerable .php files… until I read this!

I have talked about Sam’s incredible “About Me” widget before (you can see it in my sidebar) and he just keeps coming up with great stuff, for the rest of us, to use! Best of all, the information is free and … GOOD!

There can be no doubt, that Sam’s “running with scissors” attitude and knowledge of blogging and code is cutting us all a much needed shortcut to a better understanding of WordPress!

Sam’s troubleshooting guides are quickly becoming a valued treasure among WordPress bloggers everywhere. If you are having questions about how to do something in WordPress, point your browser to Sam’s site for hlep; better yet, bookmark it.

~J. Pisano

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