What is a beta? Beta programs are programs that are almost finished and almost ready for the population. Usually beta programs are well done, almost completely error-free and available to a select few.

Microsoft has a relatively unknown site where you can try out their beta software, usually for free. It is known as fact that betas may cause some problems so… caveat emptor!

I do find it interesting to see the, seemingly, ever more overlapping of items from Yahoo, Google and Microsoft. Many of the items listed have equally interesting counterparts from their compeition.

MARK MY WORDS, The next most important piece of software for the world will be the web browser itself. The reliability of the web browsers, the expandability of the web browser and the ability of the web browser to “assume” proxy for the vast number of other applications will make it (if it hasn’t already!) the next super tool.

Soon entire offices, organizations, schools and homes will be running most of their applications from the shell of a web browser. Not to be repetitive, but as you know, many are already doing this!

If you are still skeptical about this stream of thought, think about this; count how many time you have launched any piece of software on your computer and compare it to the number of times you have launched your web interface. See.

Web browser function and reliability plus wlan capabilities and stability of connection will be the most important center of focus of developers in the upcoming years.

Please note that most of the information below is taken from the ideas.live.com site:

Current Windows Live Beta products:

EN Icon FSWindows Live Onecare Family Safety:

Free software that helps you and your kids explore the Internet more safely. Family Safety helps you filter information based on each child’s age to help protect them from stuff you don’t want them to see. You can also limit searches, block or allow certain Web sites, and monitor what they’re doing online.

EN Icon writerWindows Live Writer:

Windows Live™ Writer is a free, downloadable program that will help you include rich content in your blog posts and know exactly what your blog will look like before you publish it to the Web.

In one of my next posts, I will be comparing Live Writer with Blogdesk!

EN Icon QnAWindows Live QnA:

What do you really want to know? The best chocolate chip cookie recipe? The fastest shortcut through downtown? Elvis’s weight on Jupiter? Somebody out there is bound to have the answers you’re looking for—and you probably know something they want to know, too. Get and give answers based on personal experience and expertise. QnA creates a community of knowledge that grows and gets better every day.

EN Icon mailWindows Live Mail:

Fast and simple e-mail that makes it easy to read, send and organize your messagesFast and simple e-mail that makes it easy to read, send and organize your messages

EN Icon searchWindows Live Academic Search:

A powerful research tool to help you find and sort articles from thousands of academic and research journals, including computer science, electrical engineering, physics, and more to come soon.

This will become a use full search tool indeed, not unlike Google Scholar!

EN Icon searchWindows Live Product Search:

A powerful search tool with an exclusive focus on consumer products.

EN Icon live localWindows Live Local:

A free global mapping and search service. It helps you find stuff in specific locations—pizza in Pittsburgh, for example—and lets you customize your map views, see most major U.S. cities from the point of view of a low-flying plane, and explore your world in new ways.


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