I’ve been waiting for about 3 weeks and …finally, Clustrmaps is accepting new registrations! I registered today and secured one… for free!

So what is Clustrmaps?

Clustrmaps is a new type of hit counter. With this program you can not only track your hits via counter but it will also state where the visitors are coming from and locate them on a map!

Clustrmaps example:


Clustrmaps uses a [tag]geolocation[/tag] [tag]map[/tag] that will visually show and pinpoint the visitors coming to your site. An example of Clustrmaps may be found in the sidebar.

Clustrmap comes in three varieties:

  • Clustrmaps (free)
  • Clustrmaps +
  • ClustrMaps Pro

The free variety allows tracking of up to 2,500 daily visitors and users are allowed to zoom to a larger map that will provide a better view of the locations the hits are coming from; however, there is a small ad placed on this view.

The [tag]Clustrmap+[/tag] option is $9.99 per year and allows tracking of up to 25,000 visitors per month, removes the ads and allows users to “zoom in” for further detail.

The [tag]ClustrMaps Pro[/tag] option allows tracking of up to 10,000,000 visitors and gives you multiple extra options! As of this print, there currently is not a pricing option for this service.

Clustrmaps is a spectacular add-on for any website that employs a counter. There are very few competing products available that perform as well as this product or look as nice as this product; especially for the price!

Clustrmaps looks beautiful and is a breeze to use. The makers have even made code versions that adhere to the [tag]W3C[/tag] standards.

You can sign up for one today by following this link: http://clustrmaps.com/admin/register.php

                                           ~J. Pisano

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