Young people are amazing.  They are able to keep up with technology without even “breaking a sweat”, while the rest of us struggle with some of the “easiest” of [tag]electronic technologies[/tag] (remember the days of programming the [tag]VCR[/tag]? tried your luck with [tag]TIVO[/tag] yet?).

The simple truth of the matter is that younger people have an advantage; they are immersed in the new technologies.  They have been since birth.  For the rest of us, thankfully, we have those younger students to explain things to us! ;)

I have compiled a brief list of questions that contain a few of the “hot” items and “buzz” words prevalent within the [tag]music[/tag]technology culture of our students.  Take the quiz and see how well you have assimilated the new music technologies of our current youth.

Instructor: Prof. Pisano
Quiz one, lesson one- Music technologies used by our youth
Name: ________________________________

1. Is “[tag]Pandora[/tag]” still only associated with misery and a box in your mind?

2.  Does the term “[tag]bit torrent[/tag]” sound like something that was in a [tag]Star Wars[/tag] movie or can you dissect it and redefine the term into something a little more current? 

3.  Do…  “[tag]YouTube[/tag]”?

4. Is a “[tag]lime wire[/tag]” just a green corroded battery wire in an unused transistor radio of yours?

5. Many of your students scribble on their tests, do you know if any of them are “[tag]scrobbling[/tag]?”

6.  Is “[tag]ripping[/tag]” something you still only do with a saw or paper product? Does it “ring” any other “tones” in your mind?

7. “[tag][/tag]”?  What! are you “[tag]Sirius[/tag]”?

8. Do the acronyms  [tag]R.I.A.A.[/tag] and [tag]D.R.M.[/tag] strike fear into the hearts of your students for some law they might be breaking?

9.  [tag]iPod[/tag], [tag]Zen[/tag] or [tag]Zune[/tag], which do you prefer?

10. Is “[tag]napster[/tag]”, just another nickname for your overly sleepy child or can you “search” a little deeper into your archives and come up with something else?



1. “Pandora” is a totally free, “web 2.0”, radio service that learns what music you like by comparing your choices of music to the Music Genome Project.

People blogging about Pandora:…

2. “bit torrents” are programs that use a specific protocol to allow the sharing of music, video and other files over the Internet by dissecting them into smaller pieces and sending them in chunks.

People blogging about bit torrents:…

3. “YouTube” is an extremely popular video hosting web site.  You never know what or “who” you may find in a video there.

People blogging about YouTube:…

4.  “Lime Wire” is a “peer to peer” file sharing client that is used to share music and other [tag]media[/tag] files across the web.  Lime Wire has been recently subjected to a number of law suits initiated by R.I.A.A. (see number 5).

People blogging about Lime Wire:…

5. “Scrobbling” is a way to track the music that you are listening and share the list with others. uses this technology extensively (see number 8).

People blogging about scrobbling:….

6. “Ripping” is the process of “lifting” the music from your CDs or the video files from your DVD and recording it to your hard drive or other type of storage device.  One extremely popular program for ripping is “winamp“.

“Ringtones” are one of the hottest items available for your cell phone.  They are customizable sounds for your phone that are enabled when someone calls you.

People blogging about ripping:….

People blogging about ringtones:…

7. “” is a website using “web 2.0” technology to provide you with an online radio.  This service is similar to Pandora (see number 1). also has the ability to “scrobble” your own music and share it with others (see number 5).  Incidentally, the website is known as a [tag]domain hack[/tag].

Sirius” is a satellite radio company.  You may purchase the service for a monthly fee.  The service can be taken along with you- in your car or anywhere you have their proprietary radio hardware.

People blogging about…

People blogging about Sirius:…

8. R.I.A.A. stand for the Recording Industry Association of America.  D.R.M. stands for Digital Rights Management. 

R.I.A.A. over the last few years has unleashed a tremendous amount of lawsuits against corporate and individual citizens over D.R.M. violations.

People blogging about R.I.A.A.:…

People blogging about D.R.M.:

9. iPod, Zen and Zune are all portable audio players.  They are currently some of the most popular, coolest and smallest devices available today. All of them can literally hold hundreds, if not, thousands of songs.

People blogging about iPod:…

People blogging about Zen:…

People blogging about Zune:…

10. “Napster” has been around a very long time (at least in Internet years).  First, it was an illegal peer to peer music sharing service (see number 4). Now it is a pay service.

People blogging about Napster:


Number correct:      Analysis:

1-4                        Operating e-mail properly may be
                             a real accomplishment for you…    
                             Thankfully, you may re-take this test to
                             get a better grade!  F

5                           Half right sounds better than
                             half wrong…  D

6                           You just might be able to have a
                             meaningful conversation about these
                             things with the students! C

7                           Wow! you probably own an iPod! B

8                           Yeoman’s work! Now, what’s a
                             Yeoman? A-

9                           Do some of your colleagues think
                             you to be a little geeky? A

10                         You are a music technological genius!  
                             Hey! are you under 25? A+

                                                                                    ~J. Pisano

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