I have become a [tag]WordPress[/tag] junkie. I’m a fan. I love it. It’s simple, it’s intuitive, it’s quite remarkable for FREE software. That being said, one of the problems I have encountered most with WordPress (and other blog software) is the inconsistency and reliability issues of posting with the integrated [tag]WYSIWIG[/tag] rich [tag]text editors[/tag].

No doubt, you have experienced losing a few posts either due to network problems, timeouts or other software related issues. I know I have. This is where [tag]BlogDesk[/tag] can help you! Before BlogDesk I frequently would write my posts in [tag]NOTEPAD[/tag], a true text editor (leaving me to enter all my own tags manually). Programs like [tag]WORD[/tag], [tag]WORDPAD[/tag] and other applications are not text editors. If you would cut and paste the text from them into the WordPress [tag]editor[/tag], you would and could totally mess up your post, not to mention ruining the formatting of your entire site! Don’t do it!

BlogDesk’s incredibly clever integrated post/e-mail management systems allows you to write locally and post globally with no trouble at all. If that doesn’t work for you, because BlogDesk is a TEXT/HTML based editor, you can simply cut what you have written in BlogDesk and post it directly into your blog without fear of the invisible formatting gremlins that tend to plague the cut & paste functions of other applications when used with blog software.

Picture of BlogDesk:

BlogDesk Photo

BlogDesk allows you to do all your editing off line and integrates will all major blogging software including:

Integrated wizards allow you to easily configure BlogDesk for quick integration and uploading directly into your blog.. no muss, no fuss. In addition, there is a built in [tag]ftp[/tag] client for uploading images and posts if you need it. Your categories are easily choosable via the Blogs and Categories side window within the application.


Amazing photo control and image enhancements, like the one above, allow you complete control of your photos. Aspects of photo control include: resizing, thumbnails, color control, effects and image placement all within a great, easy to use interface.

In addition, an easy to use [tag]spell checker[/tag] is included. This spell checker is available in no less than 14 languages and includes a customizable dictionary.

BlogDesk includes great features for speeding up your text input such as the Frequently Used Phrases database (FUP). You can compile a list of frequently used phrases and instantly add them to your blog with this feature, on demand. The use of templates allow you to speed up your input as well.

Finally, BlogDesk offers the ability to archive your posts locally as your write them. A great feature indeed. BlogDesk is also avaialbe in German & Spanish editions.

If you are searching for an offline blog editor, search no more! BlogDesk is the definitive answer for bloggers everywhere. Its’ simple, easy to use GUI leaves nothing wanting except for, perhaps, the urge to Blog even more!

Download BlogDesk, for free, here: http://www.blogdesk.org/en/download.htm

                                                                 ~J. Pisano

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