I think most people want their blog to be read. After all, why write it if not? Although, no doubt most writers are looking for an audience, I can think of a number of good possibilities as to the “why not”:

  • perhaps they need an tactile outlet for expression and venting…
  • writing can crystallize thought…
  • writing is cathartic…
  • writing is fun…
  • keeping an online journal is kind of cool…

For many people, I think, perhaps, they just want to be “heard” among all the noise in our technologically [tag]insane[/tag] world. People are important, their opinions matter and blogging gives the common person a chance to “fight back” and push ahead despite others that might oppose them with “big” resources.

A recent article in the CAPITOL WEEKLY talks about [tag]bloggers[/tag] providing “focus, attention and nuance in political coverage”. Not bad for the “common” person, not bad at all.

Many people [tag]blog[/tag] because they have great ideas and opinions and want to share them with others in an affordable way. Others blog because it’s part of their job, like [tag]Major Nelson[/tag].

I think most bloggers blog because they DO have something to say even if they are only talking to themselves. Lev [tag]Vygotsky[/tag] had a lot to say about this subject with his social development theory and it wasn’t all bad!

People can be [tag]obsessive[/tag]. I haven’t seen a study yet, but I would wager that bloggers fall in to the “obsessive” category more often than not. Just in casual perusing about the topic “[tag]blog traffic[/tag]”, I’ve seen an enormous amount of interest in this subject. It seems to be a “top” topic of conversation.

I’ve collected a list of links that may be very helpful to those of you looking for [tag]TIPS[/tag] to increase your blog [tag]traffic[/tag] and be heard. I have included a link to a half-dozen of the most useful tips I’ve read below:

  1. How to build traffic to your blog
  2. Three simple actions that doubled my website traffic in 30 days
  3. How to boost your blog traffic
  4. Seven offline tips for increasing blog traffic
  5. 10 tips for more blog traffic
  6. How to keep your blog traffic

I have begun this particular blog for many reasons.  I certainly find that writing clarifies my thoughts and allows me to have better organized opinions about things. Hopefully one of them was the idea to write this article!

Remember to pace yourself as you write so you don’t suffer from “blogger burnout“. For those interesting in increasing traffic, the idea is to get better traffic statistics not become one!


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