With all the notoriety about Pluto being degraded to a “minor planet” status, musicians everywhere must be thrilled that Gustav Holst‘s  famous composition, “The Planets“, is back to it’s complete categorical wholeness.  As you may know, Pluto wasn’t even found until 1930 and Holst finished his composition almost a full twenty years prior. Holst was completely in the “dark” about Pluto, much like the “planet” is itself.

Perhaps we will see a revival of the famous piece in symphonies and wind-ensembles everywhere, heralding a new era where “the music of the spheres” is back in harmony with the new found reality. The poor, little, ugly, “dwarfed” cousin has been, literally, left out in the cold.  :)

Now, what to do about that overly friendly yellow dog? ;)

~J. Pisano

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