I’ve found a great program that speeds up [tag]broadband[/tag] web page loads and most of all… is FREE. 

Google has released their Broadband Accelerator to the public and is designed to speed up [tag]DSL[/tag] and [tag]cable[/tag] connections.

Google Image

Please note that you will find that this adds a [tag]PROXY[/tag] setting to your Internet connections tab.  This is totally normal and not [tag]spyware[/tag].

I have been using it for about 4 days now and so far it has saved me 3.0 hours of loading times.  In reality, I’m not sure about that but it certainly does load things faster.

NOTE: I have found that when using it SOME of my webmail accounts do not open properly.  You can choose to quickly disable this for those times as it adds itself to your toolbar.  Maybe this problem will be fixed in the next revision.

System Requirements
Operating System: Win XP or Win 2000 SP+
Browser: IE 5.5+ or Fire fox 1.0+

You can [tag]download[/tag] this for free from here.

                                           ~J. Pisano

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