[tag]JPisano.com[/tag] has been around for three years. For the most part it, was a testbed for use with my college students.  I have changed the format so that this will be a more informational site.  [tag]Educators[/tag] tend to not get new information and research out to others in a timely manner.  The site was revamped completely over the last two weeks.

I am hoping to use this site and my [tag]RSS NEWSFEEDER[/tag] to solve some of those problems and get information out faster to whomever wants to read it.

My newsfeeder is located at: www.jpisano.com/newsfeeder  From there  you can link to any of the RSS Readers and Agregators, including [tag]Google[/tag], Yahoo, AOL, etc.

If you really want to stay up to date you can copy the RSS Feeds to your own searches.  Otherwise check www.jpisano.com/newsfeeder

It is my plan (and don’t they all work out as we like) to update this every few days or less.

I am planning on doing a major update to the jpisano.com frontend tomorrow by adding more pictures and .pdf files.  Check it out: www.jpisano.com

I use a flash program to write the frontened:  [tag]Sellfolio[/tag]. 

I use [tag]Wordpress[/tag] for the blog.

Thanks for visiting…


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