FYI, This is my new blog & website.

[tag][/tag] has been around for three years. For the most part it, was a testbed for use with my college students.  I have changed the format so that this will be a more informational site.  [tag]Educators[/tag] tend to not get new information and research out to others in a timely manner.  The site was revamped completely over the last two weeks.

I am hoping to use this site and my [tag]RSS NEWSFEEDER[/tag] to solve some of those problems and get information out faster to whomever wants to read it.

My newsfeeder is located at:  From there  you can link to any of the RSS Readers and Agregators, including [tag]Google[/tag], Yahoo, AOL, etc.

If you really want to stay up to date you can copy the RSS Feeds to your own searches.  Otherwise check

It is my plan (and don’t they all work out as we like) to update this every few days or less.

I am planning on doing a major update to the frontend tomorrow by adding more pictures and .pdf files.  Check it out:

I use a flash program to write the frontened:  [tag]Sellfolio[/tag]. 

I use [tag]Wordpress[/tag] for the blog.

Thanks for visiting…


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