Finale has released information about their new release, Finale 2007. Finale will allow you to create separate parts from divisi staves. Finale now allows you to compose to movie pictures and video including SMPTE time-code editing and “fit to score options”. Personally, I think this will be a defining feature of the upcoming Finale Release.

In addition, the human playback functionality has been updated, including customizable instrumental playing techniques… If you haven’t tried this in the previous versions, it’s pretty amazing. I am looking forward to trying out the new playback features.

One of the big upcoming features in NATIVE Mac support. This will be of great significance to Macintosh users. Hopefully, it will add stability and speed!

You can check out their flash previews at

Finale Notepad:

I have been a fan of the Finale Notpad for years. If you have a music class that doesn’t have a great budget or doesn’t have any music stations, [tag]Finale Notepad[/tag] can still be used and provide great support for your classes. If you have access to a basic computer or computer-lab you can get started. Download Finale Notepad from here it’s free:

I recommend Notepad to just about everybody.

          ~J. Pisano

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