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Potential Advertiser Information:

ALL ADD SPOTS ARE FILLED UNTIL DECEMBER OF 2012!  If you would like to be considered for advertising on MusTech.Net for 2013, please contact us ASAP. 

Advertisers looking for MusTech.Net to promote bands/videos/individuals.  Please note the Fee to Post an un-solicited advertisement for your group/person/video is currently $100.00 U.S.  and the materials submitted must be related to the content of the site.   This type of advertisement would fall into the “custom post” category.  We are not actively seeking guest posts from writers.

We are NOT looking to have any time of link-exchange without remuneration.  Please do not contact us with offers of the “link-exchange” type.

Please note that MusTech.Net reaches thousands of people per day and week and is currently receiving and inordinate amount of contacts about posting Press Releases.  Because of this, General Press Releases will be accepted @ the rate of $25.00 USD per Press Release submitted and posted on MusTech.Net.  Please choose “Press Release, I will Pay” from the form option and submit your Press Release.  You will be contacted within the day for more information.  MusTech.Net reserves the right not to accept your submission at its own discretion.

iPad app reviews:  We are interested in reviewing a limited amount of iPad apps, but unfortunately we cannot review them all for free and have a limited amount of opportunities for free reviews.  If you very much interested in having your music-related app reviewed on MusTech.Net, the fee for the review is $50.00 and two codes for the application.   Please contact us for more information.

Some Basic Number Info for Advertisers (Updated Mar. 2012).
MusTech.Net will reach EXACTLY the audience you are looking to target (65-95%).  MusTech.Net’s homepage is loaded between 600-1400 times per day by UNIQUE Individuals.  Our RSS feed reaches 1000-2000 UNIQUE individuals PER DAY!   In 2011, MusTech.Net reached approximately 1,00,000 musicians, educators, and technologists.   This is a larger audience than many national and inter-national journals, newsletters, and magazines.

Please contact us with your RSS, Front-page, and even PODCAST advertisement questions for MusTech.Net!  MusTech.Net only accepts so many advertisers per 6 month period so as not to make the site look distasteful or too “advertisey”.


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