Video Hacks For The Band Director -CBDW Handout

Dr. P’s AMAZING Top Ten
Video-related Band Director Hacks

These are the items that I covered in my session about Video-related Band Director Hacks at the Complete Band Directors Workshop on June 9. NOTE: I will be coming back to this post and including a paragraph about each item listed this week.

Check out the Zoom products for unbelievable audio and video quality in a portable, and affordable, HD camcorder: http://zoom.co.jp

This is a “different” kind of list and contains items other than the “typical” editor-only posts:

  1. Google Drive for Videos
    1. http://drive.google.com
  2. YouTube Channel
    1. https://www.youtube.com/create_channel
  3. YouTube Playlists
    1. https://www.youtube.com/yt/playbook/playlists.html
  4. YouTube Editor
    1. http://youtube.com/editor
  5. Freemake
    1. http://freemake.com
  6. Keepvid
    1. http://keepvid.com
  7. Video Notes
    1. http://www.videonot.es/
  8. Animoto
    1. http://animoto.com
  9. WeTransfer
    1. http://wetransfer.com
  10. EmailItIn
    1. http://emailitin.com
  11. Join.Me
    1. http://join.me
  12. WeVideo
    1. http://wevideo.com
  13. ScreenR
    1. http://screenr.com
  14. TinyGrab
    1. http://tinygrab.com

MicroMarching League @ http://micromarching.com

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