Pisano at Capital University

I am excited to say that I’m at Capital University this week presenting three workshops on Technology and Band Directing for the Complete Band Directors Workshop! I will be posting all of my materials, free of charge,  here on MusTech.Net on Tuesday, June 8 for anybody to download.

My Sessions are:

  1. Dr. P’s Top Ten Video-related tips for the Band Director
  2. Copyright and The Ensemble Director
  3. Using Technology to Make Any Band Director More EFFICIENT!

Dr. Joseph M. Pisano

Joseph M. Pisano, Ph.D. is the creator of many education websites, a lecturer, clinician, trumpeter, and conductor. He is currently the Associate Chair of Music and Director of Bands in the Calderwood School of Arts at Grove City College in PA. He been named a TI:ME Teacher of the Year, received the JEN Jazz Educator Award and the PA Citation of Excellence. He is a past Vice President of the Technology Institute for Music Educators and the current Vice-President of the PA Intercollegiate Bandmasters Association. He also writes for DCI Magazine, Teaching Music Magazine, and is the Educational Editor for In-Tune Monthly Magazine; he has contributed hundreds of articles to various publications. Find out more at his website jpisano.com.
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  • Morningside School of Music

    Technology and directing a band are two things I had never put together, but a fantastic way forward to save time. We teach guitar lessons, singing lessons, piano lesson etc in Edinburgh, and the way that technology has helped us in the past 10 years in amazing! We use iPads to teach sight reading, PC’s for score writing with Sibelius, and Mac’s for recording using Reason 7. If technology hasn’t saved us time, it’s certainly made our job much easier and more enjoyable! :-)