Post Series Highlight: Amy Burns on iPads in General Music Education

I’d like to take a moment (and a post) to highlight a number of recent, and fantastic, articles on MusTech.Net authored by Amy M. Burns.  Amy is at the forefront of elementary music education and using technology in the general music education classroom – I dare say (and with all honesty) -at the top of the field and THE emerging authority on iPad in Elementary Music.  If you are looking for ideas about how to integrate iPad (iOS) technology with your music education curriculum and lessons, Amy’s posts will “catapult” you to the “top of the class” and save you weeks, maybe even months, of research…

Amy is a frequent clinician at Music Education Association around the country -if you ever have the chance to see her “live”, don’t miss it!


Amy M. Burns: iPads in the Elementary General Music Classroom:

  1. Amy M. Burns - PhotoiPads in the Elementary General Music Classroom
  2. iPads in the Elementary Music Classroom – Teacher Tools
  3. iPads in the Elementary Music Room – Creating Music, Reading Notes and Rhythms, and Virtual/Acoustic Ensemble
  4. iPads in the Elementary Music Room: Creation Apps
  5. iPads in the Elementary Music Room: Notation, Ear Training, Recorders and Keyboards Apps
  6. iPads in the Elementary Music Room: Apps used by Elementary Music Teachers
  7. iPads in the Elementary Music Room: 16 Great Resources 
  8. iPads in the Elementary Music Room: Some of my favorite virtual instrument app
  9. iPads in the Elementary Music Classroom: Guided Access
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