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Music For All 2013 -First Session Notes – Amazing Web Presence

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Session Title: Amazing Web Presence: Be Found, Be Heard, Be Seen

Elements of an Effective Website:

  1. Content – you must have interesting content and something that is of value to your readership
  2. Appearance – it must be attractive and clean
  3. Functionality – it must be usable and serve the intended purpose
  4. Relevancy – is your content current and relevant
  5. SEO/Mobile – Is your content easily indexed by search engines and “mobile ready”? (test it at

Interesting “Idea” Websites ( a handful taken from a brainstorm section on our Music Teacher Facebook Group):

  1. River Hill Music Technology:
  2. Canton, CT K-12 Music Program:
  3. Frontenac Music Dept:
  4. Sioux City Middle School:
  5. Howland Tiger Band/High School:
  6. Song Wheel:
  7. St. Catherines Collegiate Music Dept:
  8. Farmington Cardinal Band:
  9. Mrs. Friedman Music Page:
  10. Music at Bangert:
  11. Dennis Alexander:
  12. Patuxent HS Band:
  13. Mrs. Lyons Wiki:
  14. Kathleen Theisin’s Web page:
  15. Drexler Middle and Intermediate School:
  16. Travis J. Weller’s Website:
  17. Music Tech at Central Elementary:
  18. Amy M. Burns Website:
  19. Barbara Freedman’s Website:
  20. Scott Watson’s Website:
  21. Dodgen Middle School Band:
  22. Melody Payne’s Website:
  23. Mary S. Shoemaker School:
  24. Patrick Burns/Bandworks:
  25. Thomas West’s Blog:

BTW, this site,, is based on WordPress!

Handout Page 1:

Download (PDF, 186KB)

Handout Page 2:

Download (PDF, 99KB)


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