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Did you miss out on last year’s TI:ME/TMEA conference? Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 11.02.48 AM Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 11.04.35 AM

If you did, you missed out on sessions like Joe Pisano’s and Richard McCready’s “iPad Apps for Encouraging Improvisation,” or MusicFirst’s debut of their cloud-based products for the music classroom, or Sandi MacLeod’s Composition in the Cloud session, or the TI:ME Keynote Address by Dave Sebald, or Denise Gagne’s SMART recorder session, or Catie Dwinal and my session on music technology in elementary music classroom, or Rick Dammers, Marjorie Lopresti, and VJ Manzo’s presentation about the 2011 NJ student music tech expo, or Barbara Freedman’s session on GarageBand, or my session on “iPads in the Elementary Music Classroom.” If you read this blog regularly, then you read the reflections from the conference written by Richard, Joe, or me. It was an amazing and educational conference where you came out of every session with something you could or wanted to immediately implement into your own music classroom.

Earlier this month, I was thrilled when the current President of TI:ME, Jay Dorfman, announced that TI:ME would join TMEA for the 2014 conference from February 12-15, 2014, in San Antonio, Texas. Last year’s conference was one that could not be missed. The music technology/education sessions were presented by some of the top names in the music education world. Since TMEA’s conferences get better with each year (my first was in 2004 and I loved it then!), 2014 should be spectacular. With that said, this is the time to reserve the days off with your administration and to book your trip.

Have you thought about presenting on a topic of music education and music technology?

If so, I encourage you to submit a proposal here. The deadline for proposals are June 1, 2013. Back in 2003, when I was taking Tom Rudolph‘s TI:ME 2C course which is all about technology integration in the music classroom., I spoke to him about my ambition to present about the integration of music technology in the elementary music classroom. He encouraged and guided me to submitting a proposal for the TI:M/TMEA 2004 conference. I submitted the proposal and was so happy when I received the letter that stated that my proposal was accepted. My school was thrilled for me and supported my trip. Tom read through many revisions of my presentation and assisted me in becoming fully prepared. I presented my very first session at TMEA on February 11, 2004 at 8 am titled “Integrating Technology into the Elementary Music Classroom.” It had over 60 elementary music educators in attendance (was very happy about this as I was not known and it was on Wednesday at 8 am). It included music technology items popular back in 2004 such as Music Ace (still around today) and Rock, Rap N’ Roll (miss that program!). GarageBand had just been launched and it was the “talk of the town” to how it would be used in the music classroom. I am so glad that I presented that year and continued to present, author, and more, in the years since. I hope that you will consider presenting at the upcoming TI:ME/TMEA conference in February of 2014.


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Amy M. Burns is an elementary music educator, clinician, author, and musician. She currently works at Far Hills Country Day School in Far Hills, NJ teaching PreK through Grade 3 general music, grade 5 instrumental music, and grades 4-8 instrumental band. She is the author of Technology Integration in the Elementary Music Classroom, Help! I am an Elementary Music Teacher with a SMART Board, and Help! I am an Elementary Music Teacher with One or more iPads! She is also an author for Online Learning Exchange™ Interactive Music powered by Silver Burdett. She has given numerous presentations on integrating technology into the elementary music classroom as well as being a keynote speaker for music technology conferences in Texas, Indiana, St. Maarten, and Australia. She is the recipient of the 2005 TI:ME Teacher of the Year Award, the 2016 NJ Master Music Teacher Award, the 2016 NJ Governor’s Leader in Arts Education Award, and the 2017 Non-Public School Teacher of the Year Award. You can find out more about Amy at her website: amymburns.com