New BuddyStream WordPress/BuddyPress Plugin Overview Video

I’ve just finished a new “quick video overview” of the BuddyStream plugin that is available for WordPress/BuddyPress-enabled sites. This plugin is an exceptional plugin that allows the integration of multiple social network to and from a BuddyPress-enabled website.     I am very excited to be a small part of the development of this plugin and am very pleased with how it is growing and developing.

This plugin is now used by hundreds of WordPress sites across the country and is available in both a free, “lite”, version and a premium version.    The premium version includes integration with more social networks and additional functionality than that of the “lite” version.   If you are utilizing BuddyStream on your WordPress site(s), this is a must-have plugin.    (If you are interested in other useful plugins for BuddyPress, you may view my article about 70 of them here: Definitive list of BuddyPress plugins)

Social Networks available for integration with the BuddyStream plugin:

  • Twitter
  • Flickr
  • YouTube
  • Facebook (premium)
  • LinkedIn (premium)
  • Google Buzz (premium)
  • SoundCloud (premium)
  • RSS feeds (premium)
  • Google Plus+ (coming soon)
Overview video:

Direct YouTube video link:

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