The Monday Music Mix: Music Education News From All Over ~7-13-09


I’ve decided to publish, periodically, links to a number of current and interesting “newsworthy” music-education-related articles that I’ve recently read and have found interesting.   There are many great articles being written related to music education that seem to get buried beneath much of the other news.    This is an attempt to get the authors a little more exposure to more people that would likely benefit from reading them.

I hope you enjoy this little series… I am going to try it for about 4-6 weeks and see how it goes on MusTech.Net.

Today’s Monday Mix:

Don’t Sacrifice Music:  Malaysia looks at removing music education from it’s primary schools.  Notable quote from this article “A Civilisation is remembered not so much by how many wars it won nor by its size BUT by its fine arts.” 

Music Used To Teach Language: Larry Scripp (Chair of Music at the New England Conservatory) is using a decade of research about the benefits of music and helping people boost their English language skills by incorporating it into a new program.

SOAPBOX: The Day The Music Died:  Monterey Bay, California – For six years local school districts have silently killed their music programs and just now people are waking up to find that there may not be any more music programs in their schools for the upcoming year.

MENC and Drum Corps Intl. Form Partnership: Both groups have decide to form a partnership that hopes to “Add quality to life through music”.  “By elevating music education in America and by bringing to public attention the ways that music strengthens individuals and communities alike, our work together will signal a renewed emphasis on achievement in our society.”

Please feel free to use the comment section below as a sounding board for your thoughts from any of these articles or to let us know that you appreciated the links.

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Joseph M. Pisano, Ph.D. is the creator of many education websites, a lecturer, clinician, trumpeter, and conductor. He is currently the Associate Chair of Music and Director of Bands in the Calderwood School of Arts at Grove City College in PA. He been named a TI:ME Teacher of the Year, received the JEN Jazz Educator Award and the PA Citation of Excellence. He is a past Vice President of the Technology Institute for Music Educators and the current Vice-President of the PA Intercollegiate Bandmasters Association. He also writes for DCI Magazine, Teaching Music Magazine, and is the Educational Editor for In-Tune Monthly Magazine; he has contributed hundreds of articles to various publications. Find out more at his website