Happy New Year 2008! Things To Come…


Happy New Year!

2007 was a great year for me and mustech.net.  I finished my dissertation, gained my Ph.D. and mustech.net reached over 150,000 visitors!    

This year I plan on reaching 300,000+ visitors.  If you blog, you know how very hard it is to be a blogger when you are in a NICHE market such as the readership of this site.  I work very hard to provide regularly updated, useful, information.   I hope this year to build a community of readers, readers that not only read the site, but actively participate with it and build a store of good information for anyone to find and read here.

2008 Resolutions for this site:

  1. Reach an active readership of 300,000+ in both RSS and Normal Readership.
  2. Have a cadre of 100 Music Education Bloggers blogging by the end of 2008, therefore building of a community of enlightened, like-minded music educators that are both innovators, sharers of knowledge, and experts in their fields.
  3. Better myself as both a writer and an orator.
  4. Continue to add useful and current features to this site.
  5. Begin a screencast series of useful instructions for simple educational tasks that are completed and performed with a computer.
  6. Continue the podcasts and start a videocast of useful educational and technological materials for this site.
  7. ADD 2 more associate contributors to MUSTECH.net.   Are you interested, send me an email via the contact page.
  8. LIGHT A FIRE UNDER OUR FORUMS AND HAVE PEOPLE ACTIVELY USE THEM.  My promise to you -if you post in our forums, I or someone will answer your question within 24 hours or ASAP!!!   If you’ve been reading mustech.net, you know that I don’t let things slide… there is real ACTION taken here!
  9. Right the very first (if not first, greatest!) e-book for music educators and blogging!
  10. Keep the above 9 resolutions!

Best wishes to you all for a happy new year!

I will be speaking in Florida at the FMEA on Friday the 11th along with Owen Bradley.  This session is not a “not to be missed” session if you are there.  It’s at 2:30 p.m.  

I also will be speaking in Michigan at the TI:ME 2008/MMC conference on Friday the 25th of January as well.  The session is at 2:00 and is called: Syndicating your voice on the web; Blogging, RSS, Web 2.0, and Music Education.   If you are planning on attending, plan to addend that session as well and we’ll talk afterwards -heck, I’ll buy YOU a cup of coffee!


          Best wishes for a great New Year!

    J. Pisano

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Joseph M. Pisano, Ph.D. is the creator of many education websites, a lecturer, clinician, trumpeter, and conductor. He is currently the Associate Chair of Music and Director of Bands in the Calderwood School of Arts at Grove City College in PA. He been named a TI:ME Teacher of the Year, received the JEN Jazz Educator Award and the PA Citation of Excellence. He is a past Vice President of the Technology Institute for Music Educators and the current Vice-President of the PA Intercollegiate Bandmasters Association. He also writes for DCI Magazine, Teaching Music Magazine, and is the Educational Editor for In-Tune Monthly Magazine; he has contributed hundreds of articles to various publications. Find out more at his website jpisano.com.