Circle Post: My Band Room Is On Fire…Top 7 Concert Pieces to save!

The following is a great educational idea from Travis J. Weller… Let’s play! 

Here are the rules… you have to respond to Weller’s hypothetical situation by posting a post (or comment here) with the above title and adding your top 7 pieces in the post.  Let’s include a link to each other’s site by copying and pasting the below information and adding to it… At the end of the month…I’ll recap (hopefully along with everyonelse that posted) the complete entirety of the lists (we will all know who posted what via the trackbacks we post if we copy and paste the below section) and we’ll have a pretty good list of literature accumulated in a very novel way! 

                 J. M. Pisano

Copy below and paste into your post:

You are seated in a rehearsal with your students.  Suddenly without warning an alto clarinet spontaneously combusts into flames.  It spreads quickly to your gradebook, old wool band uniforms, and begins creeping towards the music library.  You have but seconds to get you and your students out of the room (okay so there are a few percussionists that you conveniently tell to put EVERYTHING away first before exiting the building)….. [BUT] you must save some of the music.  You have time to save only 7 pieces.  7 pieces from any time, any level.  But only 7.  

These 7 will be the first played on the first concert after the band room is rebuilt.  I have listed my 7 pieces below (no particular order of importance).  I hope you join in on the “Save the music” hypothetical situation.  Whether a student musician or director, I look forward to hearing from you!

Hope this lights a ”fire” under bloggers everywhere!

From Travis Weller at:

In no particular order:
1. First Suite in E-flat – Holst
2. Greensleeves – arr. Alfred Reed
3. Flourish for Glorious John – Vaughan Williams
4. The Pines of Rome – Ottorino Respighi
5. I Am – Andrew Boysen Jr.
6. O Magnum Mysterium – Lauridsen/arr. Reynolds
7. The Liberty Bell – John Philip Sousa

From Joseph Pisano at:

In no particular order:
1.  Lincolnshire Posy – Percy Grainger
2. Washington Post March- John P. Sousa
3. Dedicatory Overture- Clifton Williams
4. The Pines of Rome- Ottorino Respighi (arr. Duker)
5. Allegro Animato- Frank Erickson
6. March to the Scaffold- Hector Berlioz (arr. Leidzen)
7. Shenandoah- Frank Ticheli


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