Sound Reinforcement, Live Music and Jazz, Part II: Podcast, E7

Sound Reinforcement, Live Music and Jazz, Part II: Podcast, E7

Original Air Date: 5/15/2007

Podcasting Site:


Podcasters: Joseph Pisano and Darren Morton

Episode 7’s Show:

This is part II of a two part series about live sound/audio reinforcement used with reinforcing the “Big Band” style Grove City College Jazz Bands. Joseph and Darren continue to discuss the “finer” points of microphone placement and live audio. A “must listen” for those interested in live audio!

In this episode:
Direct in boxes
Direct injection
Impedance matching
Condenser microphones
Dynamic microphones
Keyboard/Piano miking
Balanced Audio
Drum set miking
The importance of acoustic mixing before reinforcement
Piano reinforcement

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Music provided with permission by Jason Davis:

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Joseph M. Pisano, Ph.D. is the creator of many education websites, a lecturer, clinician, trumpeter, and conductor. He is currently the Associate Chair of Music and Director of Bands in the Calderwood School of Arts at Grove City College in PA. He been named a TI:ME Teacher of the Year, received the JEN Jazz Educator Award and the PA Citation of Excellence. He is a past Vice President of the Technology Institute for Music Educators and the current Vice-President of the PA Intercollegiate Bandmasters Association. He also writes for DCI Magazine, Teaching Music Magazine, and is the Educational Editor for In-Tune Monthly Magazine; he has contributed hundreds of articles to various publications. Find out more at his website