Music News and Asides Roundup: April 2007,

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve integreated a News, Tips, Quips and Aside RSS Feed to the top of the title sidebar. With it I will be posting interesting and related news that will link directly to the source of the news.

I’ve decided to use an RSS feed to deliver the “Asides” rather than a standard plugin or widgit because of the flexibilty and ease of use it offers me (for instance: this roundup report which I’m generating through feed digest).

As with any RSS feed, you can subscribe to it for the quickest notifications of what we’re posting and what’s new. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

~J. Pisano

» *Top 20 Greatest Synths!
29/04/07 15:59 from Asides from
“So come with us on a journey to the uncharted edges of music technology and join in the search for the Top 20 Weirdest Instruments of All Time…Ever! … This is an aside… More great articles/posts at

» *Music-playing toilets?
27/04/07 22:00 from Asides from
A new design in the field of toilet technology has been unveiled by Inax, a Japanese company specialising in the manufacture of lavatories. … This is an aside… More great articles/posts at

» *Mogul calls for music industry to sanitize hip-hop
26/04/07 03:48 from Asides from
Sanitizing hip-hop won’t address the social problems and industry’s greed that are behind the music, said Josh DJ Funklore, a Bay Area disc jockey who … This is an aside… More great articles/posts at

» *Amon Tobin: “Technology is a tool. Music will always come from people”
25/04/07 00:01 from Asides from
Technology is a tool. Music will always come from people.” He carries this attitude over to his live performances. “I am trying to use turntables and … This is an aside… More great articles/posts at

» *Have a question? Ask in our Forums!
24/04/07 19:16 from Asides from
Check out the forums at! This is an aside… More great articles/posts at

» *Great Idea Gleaned From Miikka Salavuo: Publish your powerpoints online….
24/04/07 17:39 from Asides from
Miikka Salavuo made a presentation about the Funkdammen online community and posted it online at is an awesome free service that allows you to publish your slideshows online and share them with the world. This..

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